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HI I am Frank Boemers!

I believe in the 3 ways of concept, quality and sustainability. I do not speak theory, but simply about what I have experienced and proven myself in more than 25 years in different Management functions.

As Purpose expert Frank talks about how organisations can strive in their development when they acitvely live their Purpose and truly integrate it as the fifth P in the Marketing Mix. Frank has developed an Impulse model for this purpose.

His ability to inspire others has been demonstrated on numerous occasions. The number of enthusiastic audiences is growing steadily.


Clarity, orientation and growth with PURPOSE - let yourself be inspired and convince!

Todd Cushman<br />CEO
Todd Cushman
Bioness Inc.
Frank is such a resourceful, impactful speaker that we felt very lucky to have him on stage for our Sales Kick-off meeting in Washington D. C. in January 2019. He inspired our Sales and Marketing team with his presentation and engaging interaction with the audience.
Tim Kuhrcke<br />Managing Direktor
Tim Kuhrcke
Managing Director
The journey to Purpose has been portrayed and illustrated by Frank Bömers, with great attention to detail. The concept is thought through to the end and moves the audience - a great presentation!
Heiko Reinhard<br />CIO
Heiko Reinhard
Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA
Frank Bömers knew how to bring the team together at our Leadership Summit in April 2019. With his Purpose Keynote, he set the perfect frame and initiated our multi-day meeting excellently. The team spirit was awakened and thus created the perfect basis for a successful cooperation.
Hermann Scherer<br />Unternehmer, Top-Speaker und Buchautor
Hermann Scherer
Frank Bömers mastered the art of inspiring and addressing his audience within a very short time. He is extremely talented as a speaker and knows how to convey his message and his audience with the necessary rhetoric, a perfect timing and the right emotions in the right place.
Florent Amion<br />Managing Director
Florent Amion
Managing Director
Vygon SA
I met Frank at the European MedTech Leadership Meeting in Zurich in 2018. I got to know him as an authentic presenter, who is very much open to new perspectives and very interactive.
Andras Fehervary<br />Executive Director
Andras Fehervary
Amgen Pharma
Frank's presentation was dynamic, unerring, and he was one with the audience. His presentation was straightforward, timely, accurate and expert.
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