Therefore "Leadership 4.0" with PURPOSE -
My Purpose Enabling System makes this possible and leads you to real results.

The Purpose Enabling System includes the following 3 aspects:

Through the Purpose Keynote as impulse speech I pick up the participants on the intrinsic motivation level.

The Purpose Enabling Workshop serves to raise the purpose of the organization and to implement it into the existing organizational structure in a lean, fast and target-oriented way.

The Purpose Process Supportover a period of 1-12 months (depending on requirements) enables results-oriented implementation on site through regular, flexible sparring sessions in the form of video calls.

By reflecting on the PURPOSE of your company you improve your overall performance!

I will show you the necessary steps and inspire you with my Purpose Enabling System, which is based on more than 20 years of professional experience as Managing Director and Executive.

Let yourself be inspired by "Leadership 4.0" with PURPOSE.

A business without purpose is like a house without a foundation.

If you aim higher or a storm comes, it will collapse.

Today, the topic of purpose has the same significance as digitisation had 10 years ago and we all know its significance today.

Why does an organization have to deal with this today?

Purpose is relevant to the system because the working world as we know it is in a state of complete upheaval. In this context, the expectations of employers have changed. Things like meaningful work, sustainability, the social contribution (CSR), home office, etc. are more and more in focus today.

Lifting and leveraging the potential of your employees decides whether you will be ahead of the competition.

Purpose is an excellent catalyst for this (which filters out what belongs out and lets through what distinguishes the company).

What is behind the Purpose Enabling System?


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Purpose Enabling is about implementing the purpose of the organization sustainably across all levels, based on the business objectives.

This makes the corporate mission statements visible and tangible, and strengthens the emotional bond with the company.

The Purpose Enabling System has been developed from management practice in over 20 years. It is characterized by its focus on results - instead of the provision of a service.

In the course of this, it combines infotainment, process architecture, consulting and business sparring in a targeted manner - instead of relying solely on individual components (services).

Your output to the point:

  1. In the teams more personal initiative and responsibility is taken over because the identification is higher.
  2. Less conflicts and tensions in decision-making because the Purpose is clearly defined.
  3. This enables a faster, more agile and customer-oriented action.
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